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Use the power of story to help you change patterns and build stronger connections in your family. 

Bedtime Stories for Moms

As parents we know the power of story. We use them with our kids to teach lessons so they don’t have to learn things the hard way.  We use stories to proactively help our kids through transitions coming their way like new siblings, moves, summer camps.  We can use stories to help share our values and build an emotional compass for our kids.  Stories can also be used to help process hard events so our kids can empower themselves.  

Parents need stories too.  

Most of us have patterns we want to change from our families of origin. We’ve spent time learning and reading but still— we yell or speak harshly.  We go to bed feeling defeated and disconnected that we fell into the same trap again. 

This is where Good Enough Mom Stories 💎 can help.  Christy will personalize an overcoming story for you for ordinary common frustration that you keep experiencing.  In the story you’ll repair the relationship , calm your body so you feel safe, and use family fun to connect. 

You deserve to be the happiest mom you know and a Good Enough Mom Story can be your anchor of hope to visualize that change. 

It still takes hard work on your part, stories aren’t magic after all.  But, you will activate your Reticular Activation System in your brain. This will help your brain find new patterns and evidence that you are the type of parent who can handle this ordinary annoying situation in a calm, connected and firmly.  (This is just like when you want a new model of car and suddenly it’s everywhere you look.  That’s the RAS.)

You have always been exactly the right Mom for your kids. 

Motherhood is too serious to be serious all the time and too fragile to do alone. I’m so glad to be mothering side by side with you.  Let’s gather for a story made just for you. 


What can you customize?

  • Names and pets
  • Location— city, country, mountains, beach
  • Favorite Things colors, smells
  • The ordinary annoying frustration 
  • The strategy you want to practice
  • Family fun and connection
  • Your families bedtime routine 
I want you to include enough details that the story is easily imagined by you to be real. ❤️

Each story will delivered with in 7 days of ordering. 

Here is a sample Good Enough Mom Story 💎:

Spilled Milk Story-
Using Breathing 

Once upon a time, in a cozy little house filled with love, there lived a wonderful mom named Emily. She had two beautiful young children, Lily and Noah, who brought joy and laughter to her life every day.

One evening, as the sun began to set and the day was coming to a close, Emily found herself reflecting on the events that had unfolded throughout the day. It had been a busy day, filled with laughter, adventures, and even a little mishap.

During dinner preparation, Lily and Noah, eager to help their mom, accidentally spilled a glass of milk all over the kitchen floor. At that moment, frustration took hold of Emily, and she found herself raising her voice. She quickly realized that her reaction was not the best way to handle the situation.

Taking a deep breath, Emily remembered a technique she had learned to calm her mind and body. She closed her eyes, focused on her breath, and slowly breathed in and out. With each exhale, she felt the tension in her body easing away. Gradually, a sense of tranquility washed over her, allowing her to regain her composure.

Feeling calm and centered, Emily approached Lily and Noah, who were standing there, wide-eyed and a little teary-eyed from the spill. She knelt down to their level, took their little hands in hers, and with a gentle voice, she apologized for yelling. She assured them that accidents happen, and she didn't want her frustration to overshadow their shared moments together.

Both Lily and Noah looked at their mom with understanding in their eyes. They knew their mom loved them deeply and that she was human too, with her own emotions and struggles. Their connection was stronger than any spilled milk.

With the kitchen cleaned up and the incident behind them, Emily led Lily and Noah to their bedrooms, where she tucked them in with tenderness and care. She sang their favorite lullaby, her voice a soothing melody that enveloped them in a sense of warmth and security.

As Emily watched her children drift off to sleep, she couldn't help but reflect on the incredible privilege it was to be their mother. She realized that while she was their guide and protector, she was also a growing human being, learning and evolving every day.

With a newfound sense of purpose, Emily knew that she was a cycle breaker, determined to break free from patterns that didn't serve her or her children. She was committed to raising Lily and Noah in an environment filled with trust, love, and open communication.

As she lay in bed, her thoughts filled with gratitude and determination, Emily whispered to herself, "I am exactly the right mom for Lily and Noah. I will continue to grow and learn alongside them, fostering a home where love and understanding flourish."

With those affirming words echoing in her heart, Emily closed her eyes, feeling a sense of peace wash over her. She knew that tomorrow would bring new adventures, but she also knew that with love as her compass, she was well-equipped to navigate the beautiful journey of motherhood and guide her children towards a bright and loving future.

What about audio?

You can upgrade your story experience to include an audiobook.  Christy will record your story and send you the mp3 that you can listen to on demand. 

It will have a similar tone and quality of her Breathe With Me episodes. 

Listen hear for samples:

Want the audio for free?  Give Christy permission to share your story on the soon-to-be-launching podcast/Youtube with names changed.

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